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Vernissage:  Samstag, 8. December 2018, 11:00 - 17:00

Duration of exhibition: 12. December 2018 – 26. Jannuary 2019

In honour of Tone Fink’s 75th anniversary, we present a solo exhibition focussing on his drawings and paintings.  
Tone Fink is a draughtsman, painter, object maker, performance and film artist, thus a serious artist and art figure in one person.  Tone Fink's radius of action thus eludes any categorization.
Born in Vorarlberg, Austria, Tone Fink studied painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and is a virtuoso artist who moves through various artistic genres and techniques, allowing him to be not only familiar, but also highly capable, in all techniques and creations, regardless the motives or themes. So, within a few years he developed as a "full-blooded artist" to become Austria's most important representative of paper-object art too.
The medium of drawings  is a recurring theme through tones Finks comprehensive work. His drawings are spontaneous and unplanned, direct and immediate.  They are an outlet for his creative urge and serve to find ideas for performances and objects.  Full of wit and irony, they give an insight into the personal cosmos of the artist bubbling with energy, whose exuberant creativity and fantasy is also expressed in his preference for word games and word creations.
His work surprises just as much through the creativity of his form-finding as through its communicative quality, which appeals directly to the viewer and invites him to participate. 


Video sample >"vers.augt"


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