Tone Fink | linien.strichler - farb.bekenner

Vernissage:  Samstag, 8. December 2018, 11:00 - 17:00

Duration of exhibition: 12. December 2018 – 26. Jannuary 2019

In honour of Tone Fink’s 75th anniversary, we present a solo exhibition focussing on his drawings and paintings.  

Tone Fink is a draftsman, painter,  making objects, running performances and a moviemake toor, simultanously a serious artis as well as an artificial person.   Tone  Fink's   sphere of action exceeds any limit one may imagine.  
Tone, native Vorarlberg  graduated at the Viennese Academy of fine arts in painting and grafics, allowing him to be not only familiar, but also highly capable, in all techniques and creations, regardless the motives or themes. So, within a few years he developed as a "full-blooded artist" to become Austria's most important representative of paper-object art too.
The medium Drawing  is a recurring theme through tones Finks comprehensive work. His drawings originate spontaneously and unplanned, directly and immediately. They function like a "valve" for his creative power and serve as brainstorm like raiser of ideas for his performances and objects. Filled with joke and irony, they give insight into his personal universe revealing an artist, whose excessive creativity and imagination is also expressed in his preference for wordplays and coinages.
His objects surprise as well as by the creativity in creating new forms as by the communicative quality, requesting the viewer directly demanding ones  co-operation  too..         

Video sample >"vers.augt"


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