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Room-1: Herbert Golser- Larissa Leverenz
Room-2: Rupert Eder
Room 3: Robert Steng - Angela M. Flaig
Room-4: Marco Spitzar - Ulrich Plieschnig
Introductory speech: Dr. Silvie Aigner
(editor in chief, PARNASS)
The selected works in this exhibition of our gallery artists show the results and traces of our many years of collaboration with them. And illustrate the programme and MISSION of the gallery!

Our vision thus manifests itself in the thought:
"In these turbulent times, we want to be a fabulous place where people have a right to engage positively with the present and the beautiful without switching off reality!"
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Larissa LEVERENZ: 5.-10.09.2023 /

"PARALLEL Vienna - 2023"; click on & read more ...

Larissa Leverenz " takes the viewer into a world of surreal, alien beauty. The technique used is particularly fascinating: the artist paints and draws, she prints and collages on thin wooden plates, which with their natural grain and structure make up the background of the picture. Sometimes she carves into the panels or expands them into installation works in space - an unusual visual language for us, never seen before in this form, and a clever interweaving of very different artistic techniques."
{G. Oberhollenzer}
Location: Baumgartner Höhe 1, 1160 Wien
Time: 5. - 10. September 2023
Presented works (selection) - per Klick -> enlarged:
Work at left: der Spiegel, 2023, Acryl, Tusche, Siebdruck auf Holz_105 x 170 cm
Work at right: Sokrates' Gefäß, 2023, Acryl, Tusche, Siebdruck auf Holz_55 x 45 cm
Martina TSCHERNI - "über Wasser" /

10. July - 17. Sept. 2023 >> click on & read more ...

Southern view, drawing rolls "kryokonite", 2014-15
The exhibition will take place in the former Jesuit Church  (6060 Hall in Tirol).
Duration of the exhibition:
1. July - 17. September 2023
Opening: 10.Juli 2023
The architecture of the baroque Jesuit Church in Hall is somehow ideal for the presentation of Martina Tscherni's works. The nature of the sacred space allows the entire spectrum of her work - drawings, textiles and video installations - to be presented.
Confessional booths, "textilia", 2022-23
The overarching theme is water - from which our life comes - it reflects our entire social condition and points to the fragility of life and survival.
Everything is in motion, everything flows, everything is in constant change.

The side chapel is conceived as a contemplative space, the video "....vom Schwimmen im Fluss" shown there shows the artist's deep relationship to this element.
MARTINA TSCHERNI, a native of Hall, has lived and worked mainly there since her studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.




1. Juliy - 14. September 2023 >>> click on & read more ...

Corten steel, 130 x 275 x 110 cm
Presentation takes place at Toscanapark
(4810 Gmunden)
Duration of exhibition: 
1. July  - 14. September 2023
The sculpture park will be freely accessible throughout the entire period and invite visitors to stay on the island. A large selection of contemporary sculptures by internationally active artists will be on display throughout the entire area.
The sculpture park is connected with   the Salzkammergut Festival Weeks, coinciding with the "Gmunden Photo", various concerts in the park area, a.o.m.
The following video shows the installation of the large sculpture "REFLEKTOR".
on the occasion of the Werkschau 2022 in the Villa Rot (BRD).


Walter WEER - Art Book /

"IN TEMPUS PRAESENS" - Book excerpts; >> click on & read more ...

Quick look into / overview of "IN TEMPUS PRAESENS"

On September 22, 2022 we were pleased to present his new
illustrated book  

„In Tempus Praesens“

at the gallery premises.
Looking at pictures and sculptures, telling stories, listening to
music, all this is the content of Walter Weer's latest volume
of works.

Book: 2022, Hardcover, 304 pages, ca. 21 x 30 cm

Click on cover shows excerpts
from the art book    >>>

Martina Tscherni - "river .../ clean danube" (Video) /

about arts & nature; >>> click on & read more ...

Artist's talk with S. Aigner: 18.10.2022

What had happened ?
On a Saturday in May Martina Tscherni completed the "long run" from Vienna to Bratislava, an artistic swimming event !
This resulted in  " . . about swimming in the river "  -  | thoughts | experiences | impressions in video-technical processing, which could be shown in "near real time" in the gallery.
As a logical continuation, an exhibition was organised in the Austrian Cultural Forum, Bratislava [Rakúske kultúrne fórum Bratislava] from 13 to 28 October 2022. At the same time, an artist talk was held by Frau Mag. Sylvie Aigner (PARNASS) - which has been moderated at an event   "On The Road Again" Initiative at the Künstlerhaus Wien am 18.10. 2022 .

For the video presentation of real recorded swimming actions:
Beginning with the tiny creatures that are inaccessible to the unaided eye and become visible through the drawing, the material-related basis for a video installation was created, which owes its content to a temporary life in the river.
[ > enjoy the  Video-presentation (Duration 10:40 min) < ]
A. Göhringer + G. Roesz (Video) /

on the razor's edge: a discourse" >>> click on & read more ...

Exhibition 26. March - 29. May 2022 together with Germain Roesz

they discuss together their exhibition "sur le fil du rasoir" [ "on the razor's edge" ] at Nicole Buck's gallery on the basis of the exhibited works . . .
They juxtapose their technique as well as their creative ideas, comparing and contrasting them, and thus offer a deep insight into their creative world.
Video presentation: (c) Galerie Nicole Buck*,
21 Rue Principale - 67117 Hurtigheim (Fr)
Martina Tscherni - "on the road again" (Video) /

>>> click on & read more ...

Presentation 6. May 2022 - 12:00 - 18:00

 ". . . about swimming in the river " - | Thoughts | Experiences | Impressions | 
Starting with the tiny creatures that are inaccessible to the naked eye and visible through the drawing, the material basis is created for a video installation that owes its content to a temporary life in the river.
Video presentation of actively taken shots during swimming starting 12:00 
An Artist talk, moderated by Mag. Maria Holter will take place at 17:00
[ > watch presentation video - as a preliminary work < ]

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