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"Code 2D_3D" - opening mid of April:  the announcement takes place with separate mail or email 

      "on stage now: Maria TEMNITSCHKA - "old iron"

      Temnitschka:         "Old Iron-12, 150 x 120 14 cm  

Opening / Vernissage: Mi., 12. February 2020, at 18.00 o'clock
Duration of exhibition: 13th of Feb. - 21st of Mar. 2020
Opening speech: Andreas Hoffer (fine arts historian, curator at Kunsthalle Krems, NÖ)

For Maria Temnitschka, painting is invention, condensation, compositional building of a picture through form and colour. As real as everything seems, reality is only the stimulus for the painted world, which enables the artist to use what she sees for the purposes of painting or not. [A. Hoffer]

Her most recent work cycle (2019 - 2020!) is entitled "Old Iron" and thus opens, without exaggeration, a completely new creative period. Not a continuation of "Rost" or "lost in time", but with fine, ambiguous humour, which is also, very subtly and sometimes hardly noticeable for the viewer, to be found in her painting, she reveals the situation of unemployed textile workers, mainly women. Even if invisible but readable in her paintings, these women have become "old iron", so to speak, yet without losing the value of the old.

... coming up April: "Code 2D_3D" ...
2D.paper.3D; www.hrobsky.at
Tscherni - Leverenz | Deutsch - Wöllmer - Zahn

Titled  "Code 2D_3D" we shall present new works by:

2D: Leverenz / Tscherni - 3D: Deutsch / Wöllmer

Opening/Vernissage: Wednesday, // 1st //  mid of April 2020, 19.00
Opening speech:  Julia Schuster, STRABAG Kunstforum   
Duration:   2.  mid of April 2020 - 2. May 2020
     current exhibitions of our artists
Tone Fink; Körperlichkeit; www.hrobsky.at
(c) Tone FINK: Performance "erFAHRbar", 2019
Titled „Körper(L)ichkeiten“ // view at right >>>
(drawn - painted - formed) the state museum
Landesgalerie Burgenland   
opening / Vernissage: 16. January 2020, 18:00 – 21:00 o'clock
At Berlin is to be seen at
Gallery Wichtendahl - Alexandra DEUTSCH|Reinhard WÖLLMER
opening / Vernissage: 12. December 2019, 18:00 o'clock
Dauer:   13. December 2019 - 4. January 2020
Willi Siber at Christie'ss - Pinakothek
W. Siber Wandinstallation-2019 - Galerie HROBSKY
© W. Siber; auction Pinakothek
during a Charity auction at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munic
achieved W. Siber's work | Lot Nr. 27:

Wandinstallation (wall installation) - 2019

the  fantastic price - € 27.000,00 !

sorry, DRAWING NOW ART FAIR 2020 - postponed

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