Maria Temnitschka: "SCRAP METAL" - opening 28.4.2022

Her new series of works, which she calls "SCRAP METAL", brings the pictorial experiences
of her long-standing oeuvre in a transformed and reawakened way . . .
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Temnitschka |series "Schrott" - clicking on image >>> enlarged view
Temnitschka |series "Schrott" - clicking on image >>> enlarged view
Temnitschka |series "Schrott" -clicking on image >>> enlarged view
Temnitschka |series "Schrott" -clicking on image >>> enlarged view
Temnitschka |series "Schrott" -clicking on image >>> enlarged view
Temnitschka |series "Schrott" -clicking on image >>> enlarged view
Temnitschka |series "Schrott" -clicking on image >>> enlarged view
Temnitschka |series "Schrott" -clicking on image >>> enlarged view
We are pleased to present Maria Temnitschka's latest series of works, named - SCHROTT / SCRAP METAL.

Eröffnung/Opening - in presence of artist: Do 28. April 2022, 17 – 20 Uhr
Duration: 29. April – 11. June 2022

Temnitschka, Nr. 40, 2022, oil on canvas, 140 x 160 cm

Maria Temnitschka, who originally studied metal design, still feels enthusiasm for the hard material and thus portrays objects, devices and tools. These are sometimes placed in absurd relationships with each other, creating their own stories.
The painter has been dealing with the theme of decay in variations for many years, it is a "life theme" for her to which she returns again and again. The content of her paintings always goes beyond the mere depiction of found situations, it is about deeply human questions and even if people are not depicted in her paintings, they are always present.

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A. Pirrwitz - exhibition Strassburg /

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Exhibition 29/04/2022 – 28/05/2022

good bye Lenin-6Ed, 2012, Foto, 112x150 cm
We are pleased to be able to inform you about an exhibition by one of our internationally active photographers, which is ultimately also of historical interest.
Andre Pirrwitz, born in 1963, spent his student years in the Ukraine, which is also where the majority of the works shown in Strasbourg come from, which were essentially taken between 2007 and 2010. His pictures almost exclusively tell stories from another time, actually an in-between time populated by ghosts, a reflection on decay and chaos, with which he transfers the collapse into a poetic vision.
(from the blurb of the exhibiting gallery, La pierre large (c).
"AMNESIES takes us on the trail of Andrej Pirrwitz, into a universe on the verge of disappearing, into ruins, into abandoned and silent spaces where ghostly presences echo. A delicate and fragile universe in which the poetics of ruins are exhibited on a large scale." [quoted by Bénédicte Bach & Benjamin Kiffel ]
Presentation ducumentation : (c) Galerie La pierre large*,
25 rue des Veaux - Strasbourg (Fr)
A. Göhringer + G. Roesz - a discourse (Video) /

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Exhibition 26. March - 29. May 2022 together with Germain Roesz

they discuss together their exhibition "sur le fil du rasoir" [ "on the razor's edge" ] at Nicole Buck's gallery on the basis of the exhibited works . . .
They juxtapose their technique as well as their creative ideas, comparing and contrasting them, and thus offer a deep insight into their creative world.
Video presentation: (c) Galerie Nicole Buck*,
21 Rue Principale - 67117 Hurtigheim (Fr)

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Martina Tscherni - "on the road again" (Video) /

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Presentation 6. May 2022 - 12:00 - 18:00

 ". . . about swimming in the river " - | Thoughts | Experiences | Impressions | 
Starting with the tiny creatures that are inaccessible to the naked eye and visible through the drawing, the material basis is created for a video installation that owes its content to a temporary life in the river.
Video presentation of actively taken shots during swimming starting 12:00 
An Artist talk, moderated by Mag. Maria Holter will take place at 17:00
[ > watch presentation video - as a preliminary work < ]
Marija Šabanović im Showroom /

within the framework of FOTO WIEN . . .,read more ...

aus den Ausgestelltung zur Foto Wien

Marija Šabanović at display at our  "SHOWROOM" ( 1160, Grundsteing. 40 )
her recent works, in collaboration with "Foto Wien" (9.-27. March)

Eröffnung/Opening: Do 10. März 19:00
Duration: Fr 11. – Sa 26.­­­ März 2022
working hours: Thu –Sat 15:00 – 18:00

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"Seit 2016 fotografiere ich meine Mitbewohner:innen,
Freund:innen und Bekannte, denen ich in der Türkis
Rosa Lila Villa / der queeren Szene Wiens begegne . . ."


( Angaben courtesy: © MASC foundation   - Grundsteingasse 40, 1160 Wien )

Achim FREYER - painting action - 9.- 14. March /

Review of the painting action, read more ...

[ offizielles Plakat der Raimundfestspiele 2022 ]

vom 9. - 14. März fand eine großangelegte Malaktion mit Achim Freyer im Malsaal des Volkstheater Depot
Broderdorferstrasse 88, 2442 Unterwaltersdorf ] -  statt.

Das Depot des Volkstheaters, nahe Ebreichsdorf, bot dem international renommierten Künstler die Möglichkeit das Theaterzelt der Raimundspiele für die kommenden Aufführungen neu zu gestalten.
Impressionen können über Instagram abgerufen werden, dazu
( Foto: Raimundspiele Gutenstein, 2770 Gutenstein © - Fotografen: Jochi Kern, Karl Denk, Bernhard Hauer, )
"arche.Tone" - 16.9. 2021 /

book presentation - Tone FINK, read more ...

On 16th of September 2021, Tone's latest colouring book "arche.Tone" with texts by Max Lang habe been presented by the artist himself.
"Tone Fink's animal paintings, which he began to paint intensively with the first Lockdown, speak for me of his desire to counter the madness of the pandemic with something beautiful. One of Tone's focuses is on endangered species.
species threatened with extinction. His ark now includes up to 50 animal drawings. Sometimes they are tender and affectionate, sometimes with challenging facial expressions.
At first glance, they appear Biedermeier-like and well-behaved. At second
glance, sometimes as if in a footnote, the mischievousness of these works becomes apparent."
{Max Lang]
Ankündigung "fearless-light"

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