exhibition launched: "COLOuR  &  LIGHT" ...

For Nikolaus KORAB and Ulrich PLIESCHNIG, the most important stylistic devices on the visual level are - light and colour. Their landscapes, and they are imagined or alienated landscapes, influence our perception of the figures and the situations of the pictures through skilful use of light and colour, thus triggering heightened emotions and associations in us.
Thus the apparent contrast between the imagined painting of Ulrich PLIESCHNIG and the painting photography of Nikolaus KORAB in this exhibition dissolves into a common denominator of expression.

Duration of exhibition: 25. Jun2 – 31. July 2020  
The corona hygiene regulations valid at the time of the opening apply. Due to the latest regulation, we offer talks with the artists on the hour up to a maximum of 25 people. Nikolaus Korab is present from 17.00!
A reservation - under > mobile: 0676 518 3201   oder   e-mail: galerie@hrobsky.at - will easy it  

           ... and at NN-Fabrik's sculpture park - open too:  

In cooperation with the galleries HROBSKY and NN-Fabrik, works by Walter Kölbl  entitled: "Legal Angles" will be presented in the house and sculpture park of the NN-Fabrik, Oslip (Bgld.)
Walter Kölbl, sculptor and architect from Vorarlberg, has dedicated himself entirely to mathematical-geometric art. The sculptures, objects and architectural spatial solutions are characterised by clear forms and colours.
Roland Göschl wrote the sentence to Walter Kölbl in January 2014 which is still valid today:
"Walter Kölbl belongs to those sculptors who imaginate and think up a picture and only then begin to carve, what - I believe - makes a good sculptor."
Opening of exhibition: “Legal Angles
Saturday, 27th June 2020, 15.00 o'clock at NN-Fabrik, Oslip (Bgld.).