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"B .A .R .O .C .K . - magic and illusion" - preview 1 

"B .A .R .O .C .K . - magic and illusion" - preview 2 

"B .A .R .O .C .K . - magic and illusion" - preview 3 

Do., 12th of September 2019, 19.00 o'clock
Ulrike Jakob and Willi Siber (totally new series of works) will open the exhibition in dialogue.

In contrary to it a comprehensive retrospective look, titled „der weg“, can be achieved at Museum Villa Rot (BRD) on behalf of his 70. anniversary
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[Achim Freyer at his 85-th]

A. Freyer Salzburg - Galerie HROBSKY
Foto: @Florian Oberhummer; SN

alert and imaginative as an eternal young - Salzburg: Ödipus sculpture

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[flower power - prolongation]

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exhibition:     13. July 2019;  prolonged !

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[paper positions basel 2019]

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vom   * 11.-16.6.2019 bis 11.-16.6.2019   *
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artists presented:
Bettina Paschke Maria Temnitschka
Walter WEER     |  Tilmann ZAHN