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Johann Schwarz, whose leather works start from the surface and its deformation, unlike the two painters mentioned before, works in a direct way with three-dimensionality. He deals, as it were, with the means of sculpture in the two-dimensionality of the picture. He folds the material and in this way divides the surface, but at the same time creates new  surfaces that are at right angles  to the actual picture surface. In this way he defines spatiality - pictorial space or plastic space.
A precise  definition is context-dependent. One could also discuss these works in the context of painting. Likewise, the hardly  used  concept of relief could be applied here.
[Citation: (C) Museum Liaunig - Catalogue: Lost Spaces 2022] 
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Period events & highlights
1963 born in Hallein, lives and works in Hallein and Salzburg
1977-1981 Technical school for sculpture (Hallein)
1985-1990 works as a freelance sculptor, commissioned works in wood and stone.
2001 Leather replaces wood and metal as working material.
2002-2005 First leather works, as wall objects.
Nail pictures are pressed into wet pigskin and goat parchment. Experimental handling of portrait photography, which can be transferred to the original carrier material, such as skin or leather.
2005 Patent applied for in 2005 as a successful result of many years of experimentation.
Vegetable-tanned leather, iron dust and water are used. Rasterised portrait photos are created on the front of the skin using a special diffusion process.
2016 New groups of works, e.g. foldings, are added.
Source materials such as pigskin, goats and calf parchment (vellum) are increasingly used.
2021 Work on the "Bilderflut" cycle. Modern apocalypse illustrations are transferred onto pigskin in large screens by means of digital printing.
2022 The "Vellum" series is created.

Exhibitions (excerpt):

Period Title Exhibition ( Place)
2007 "Money, Gold" Gallery Einblick (Hallein)
2007 "10 years Wallmann-Gallery" (Mauterndorf)
2008 "Local Heroes" Kunstraum Pro Arte (Hallein)
2008 "Saline-Kesselraum Pernerinsel" (Hallein)
2009 „Leprosenhauskirche“(Hallein-Kaltenhausen)"
2011 „Bernhard Prähauser und seine Schüler“ Kunstraum Pro Arte (Hallein)
2011 „Hautbilder" textilKUNSTGalerie Sammlung
2011 „Ein Bild von einem Mann" Galerie Freiräume
2011 „10 Jahre Galerie Freiräume" (Hallein)
2012 "Gesichtspunkte" Eboran Gallery(Salzburg)
2015 "Porentief" Kunstraum Pro Arte (Hallein)
2019 "Stille Wasser, dicke Haut" Guglhof (Hallein)
2021 "Hautkontakt" Museum Froneste (Neumarkt)
2021 "Hallein ist "Mee(h)r" Saline (Hallein)
2021 "Rosig, Blass, Zyanotisch" citygallery, Museumspavillon (Salzburg)
2022 "Lost in Space" Museum Liaunig (Neuhaus / Suha)
2022 "Auffindungen / Wegfindungen" Saline (Hallein)

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