Leena Naumanen

Leena Naumanen has long been dealing with the distinctive traces that the weather has left on the roof shingles of her Finnish homeland over the years and has made these shingles the basic material for her wooden objects, paintings and drawings. In this way, she tells stories of life - of its roots, its possibilities, its evanescence and thus contrasts the rhythm of nature with that of the present.
In the elaborate technique of processing she has developed, her basic creative act, which takes place in a mostly spontaneous culmination, contrasts with the handicraft realisation, which requires a lot of time and time for contemplation.
In her new works, pieces of shingle are set with glue on various substrates; she weaves them close together, with coloured accents in oil paint or left completely natural, so as to make the resulting light and shadow effect such an actor in the play of the viewer's perception and association. Her finely stroked pen and ink drawings in watercolour, on the other hand, are characterised by a strong rhythmic action that only reveals itself in its complexity on closer inspection - and then captivates.


1951 in Jyväskyla, Finnland geboren
1971 - 76 Studium an der Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Wien
  lebt und arbeitet als freischaffende Künstlerin in Wien

Einzelausstellungen Auswahl ab 2002

2002 Kaiserliches Hofmobiliendepot-Museum, Wien | Galerie Altes Wasserkraftwerk, Vaajakoski, Finnland
2003 Galerie Gut Gasteil, Prigglitz, NÖ
2005 Romanischer Keller - Hypo Galerie, Salzburg | Galerie Zauner, Linz
2007 Galerie Artmark, Wien
2009 Galerie A 41, Wien | Artis Causa Gallery, Thessaloniki, Griechenland
2010 Galerie X, Bratislava, Slowakai | Galerie Gut Gasteil, Prigglitz, NÖ | Galerie Artmark, Spital am Phyrn, OÖ
2011 Kunstraum Beyond, Zistersdorf, NÖ
2013 Internationales Gastkünstleratelier Maltator, Gmünden/Kärnten
2014 Kunstwerkstatt Tulln, Tulln, NÖ

Gruppenausstellungen - Auswahl ab 2005

2005 "SillvrettAtelier", Palais Lichtenstein, Vorarlberg
2005 "SilvrettAtelier", Kunsthalle Kemi, Finnland
2007 "Nordung", Kunstverein Horn, Horn, NÖ
2008 "Quer durch Eruopa", Felsbildermuseum, Spital am Phyrn, OÖ
2009 "25 Jahre Internationale Textilkunst Graz", Reifeisenhof, Graz
2010 "3th Anniversary Exhibition" Artiscausa Gallery, Thessaloniki, Griechenland
2011 "Growth" artP, Perchtoldsdorf, NÖ | "Kunst Messe Linz", Artmark Galerie, Linz | "Quer", Artmark Galerie, Wien
2012 "Zeichnung 2012", Artmark Galerie, Wien | "Open House" Galerie Gut Gasteil, Prigglitz, NÖ
2013 "Zeichnung 2013" Artmark Galerie, Wien | "Open House", Galerie Gut Gasteil, Prigglitz, NÖ | "Zeichnen, Zeichnen", Künstlerhaus, Wien | "Kaleidoskop", Artmark Galerie, Wien
2014 "Obove & Bayond", Galerie im Turm, Baden, NÖ | "Internationale Textilkunst Graz", Steiermarkhof, Graz | "Inspiration Textil", Künstlerhaus, Wien

Öffentliche Ankäufe

Österreichisches Bundesministerium für Unterricht und Kunst
Stadt Wien
Gemeinde Jyväskylä, Finnland
Österreichische Bundesforste

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