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Robert Steng's artistic material is wood.
That is why the artist, who was born in Bietigheim-Bissingen in 1972, collects discarded furniture, seasoned timbers, surfaces coloured and tanned by the sun and weather, specific grains or carcass joints. In his works, he arranges or lays the material in such a way that a new three-dimensional image appears. But what emerges here irritates the viewer's expectations, who has to question his gaze through the associations it triggers, thus finding himself in an imaginary spatial situation.
Robert Steng plays with the power of suggestion. Light and shadow, for example, do not really exist, but are rather the results of different types of wood or different layers of wood. One is tempted to touch the surfaces to make sure that they are real.


1972 born at Bietigheim-Bissingen
1995-1997 Scenery construction at Berlin
1997-2000 Study of Empiric Cultural Studies, University of Tübingen
2000 bis dato Artist and Musician at Stuttgart and Berlin
2000 Foundation of artists society „FFUS“, Waggons at Nordbahnhof (railway station), Stuttgart
2010-2016 Free lancer with "Künstlerhaus"(artists house) at Stuttgart
2014-2015 Lectureship at ABK Stuttgart (Academy of fine Arts)
Solo- / Group-exhibitions / Fairs /

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Solo exhibitions

Period / time Title exhibition, site
2020 „Durch die Wand“, Üblacker-Häusl, München
„Brettspiele“, Städtische Galerie Ostfildern
2019 Pile of Boards, Galerie von Braunbehrens, Stuttgart
2017 Beam Me Up, Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke/Belgium
2016 Galerie Von Braunbehrens, Stuttgart
Absolute Art Gallery, Belgium
2016 Absolute Art Gallery, Belgium
2015 Real Things, Kunstverein Brackenheim
2013 „Empty Boxes“, Galerie Molliné, Stuttgart
2008 D.O.A. Dreaming Of Africa, Hermes und der Pfau, Stuttgart
2006 Die alten Zeiten sind so gut wie neu, Galerie Rainer Wehr, Stuttgart (w/ Peter Holl)
2005 Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin (w/ Susa Reinhardt)
2002 Abgriff,Pudel Klub / Isotrop , Hamburg

Participation at international fairs

Period / Time Event / Fair, site
2012 Art Karlsruhe (D)
2015 YIA Art Fair (Solo), Paris /F)
YIA Brussels; Brüssel (B)
2016 Art Miami, Miami (USA)
2019 St.Art Strasbourg 8sOLO9, Strasbourg (F)

Group exhibitions

Period / time Event / Title exhibition, site
2020 5 years Galerie von Braunbehrens, Gruppenschau
2019 „könnte aber doch“ – WKV
2018 Roter Salon, Museum Villa Rot
2017 "Künstler der Wagenhalle", Kunstverein Rottenburg
2016 "Older Than Jesus", Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart
2015 "Accrochage", Galerie von Braunbehrens, Stuttgart
"Nice Noise Now", Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
"Lose Bande", Städtische Galerie Offenburg
2014 “Strukturen und Schichten“,Galerie Molliné, Stuttgart
2013 "Wagenhallen außer Haus" Galerie der Stadt Backnang
2012 "Ich versteh´nur Nordbahnhof" Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, kuratiert von Robert Steng
Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart
Zinnober“, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
2011 "Le Nouveau Vague", Villa Floreal, Cadegliano
"Urbanes Leben", Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
2010 "FFUS", Oberwelt, Stuttgart
2010 "30 Jahre", Galerie Rainer Wehr, Stuttgart
"Kunstklub On Stage", Kunstklub der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
2010 "Fehl-Aufnahme", Reto Ganz, Zürich
"KunstWagenhalle" , Stuttgart
2008 "Seit Eh Und Jetzt!",Künstlerbund Ba-Wü , Ulmer Museum
2004 "LIVE" Palais de Tokyo , Paris (Rocket / Freudental w/ Alex Györfi)
2001 "Berlin Intim", The Foundry , London
2000 "Sammlung Galle", Berlin/Tokyo,Berlin, MS Stubnitz,Rostock, Oberwelt e.V. ,Stuttgart

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