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Rupert Eder | Angela M. Flaig | Herbert Golser | Larissa Leverenz
Ulrich Plieschnig | Robert Steng | Marco Spitzar | Martina Tscherni | Reinhard Wöllmer
                          Dienstag, 13. Februar 2024, 18 - 21 Uhr
Introductory speech: Silvie Aigner (Editor in chief - Parnass), 18:30 o'clock
                          14. Februayr - 23. March 2024

25 years of gallery work -part II

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"On the occasion of this year's anniversary, gallery owner Ulrike Jakob is looking back on a quarter of a century of gallery work and her active involvement in the contemporary art scene.
In Part II of our anniversary exhibition, we juxtapose artists who have been with us from the very beginning with the largely newer additions. As a result, there are significantly new works on display. With works by Rupert Eder, Marco Spitzar, Larissa Leverenz, Robert Steng, Ulrich Plieschnig, Martina Tscherni and Angela M. Flaig, the second part of the exhibition Traces | Searches | Visions focuses in particular on artists who visualise the materiality of the image carrier in their works.
The material wood forms the basis of all of Robert Steng's works, but is also used as an image carrier in the painterly-graphic works of Larissa Leverenz, both in an oscillating dialogue with Herbert Golser's powerful wooden sculpture.
Robert Steng works with disused furniture, seasoned timber whose surfaces have been characterised by use, sun and weather. He creates wall objects that show everyday objects. Steng creates the illusion of a three-dimensional effect through his oblique perspective.
Rupert Eder is a painter and is fascinated by the possibilities and conditions of painting, especially the materiality of colour, He refers to the old techniques of colour mixing.
His knowledge of the diversity of the materiality of colours and their production forms a resonance chamber for Eder's work. His works are thus to be understood in relation to more recent art, in particular the colour field painting of the 20th century and the minimalist art of the 1960s, which he takes up and continues in his own way.
Ulrich Plieschnig, as an Austrian painter, also uses colours in his well-known canon of colours, with knowledge and years of experience of materiality, in such a way that he not only pours the colours onto the canvas, but also develops his baroque formal language by turning and turning them, not without leaving small traces with the brush in his latest works.
Marco Spitzer's oeuvre is not easy to categorise. He is as much at home in the field of object art (like Angela M. Flaig) as he is in photography. In addition, the material he works with, liquid glue, is unusual. Thus, the term conceptual artist applies to him best - if it needs to be categorised at all. While he pursues a broad spectrum with the themes he addresses in his works, he is focussed in his choice of material. Adhesive from the "nimble bottle" (UHU) is used in many different ways and with great passion. And it is also the haptic quality of this material that makes his wall works, drawings and graphics appear three-dimensional.
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In the exhibition (flip) catalogue you will find illustrations of the exhibited works (22 pages), together with the prices of the works (incl. VAT, excl. transport).