Willi SIBER (D) | B.A.R.O.C.K. - magic and illusion

B.A.R.O.C.K. Magic andiIllusion  -
Willi Siber created a series of works whose blackboard and wall objects were created in deep wood reliefs. The subsequent interference coating creates "a misleading game for the eye," says Siber. For the baroque city of Vienna, I will combine this exhibition with a homage, but the works shown are of great sensuality (...) Experience has shown that recipients are fascinated by the magic of constantly changing color nuances as well as the deceptive illusion of spatiality and light "(Excerpt / words by A. Seebacher).

Exhibition duration: 12.9. - 13.10. 2019

Works on display - I

Room 1 - installation at wall

Wandinstallation-x12_2019_Multiplex-Chromlack_40x230x10 cm

Room 2 - when spotlight changes

Table object_2019_MDF_Interferenz_60x240x6 cm - Lichteinfall li./re.
Works on display - II

Room 4 - reliefs -IV and VII

Wandobjekt_2019_MdF_Interferenz_176x116x6 cm

Room 4 - nuanced and multi-facetted

Wall-u.Tableobject_2019_MdF_Interferenzlack_60x140 u.89x68cm
and a little surprise by -                       Bodo Hell ...

... birthday greetings for Willi Siber

Diesmal durfte die Literatur kurzfristig von der bildenden Kunst ablenken ...
Willi Siber - Geburtstagslesung zu B.A.R.O.C.K. - Bodo Hell
... selbst Willi Siber war in gespannter Erwartung des Vortrags durch Bodo Hell ...
Willi Siber - Geburtstagslesung zu B.A.R.O.C.K. - Bodo Hell
.. da fiel auch ein Tafelobjekt aus 2019, MDF_Interferenzlack,89x68x9 cm groß aus dem Blick ...
Willi Siber - Geburtstagslesung zu B.A.R.O.C.K. - Bodo Hell
... wenn Bodo Hell seine Geburtstagslesung zu B.A.R.O.C.K. vortrug !
Austrian literate Bodo Hell and Götz Bury have been giving Willi the benfit of a specially created BAROCK-poem  on behalf of his upcoming 70th anniversary, creating an intense athmospheric picture by Saxophon solo as background.