Alexandra Deutsch | Sylvia Vorwagner: "different layers"

Alexandra Deutsch & Sylvia Vorwagner

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With this presentation, we have the privilege of showing works by two artists who essentially work with and on paper and who are intensively concerned with nature and its manifestations.
While Alexandra Deutsch's work is dominated by the diversity of the individual layers of paper, the play of colour and form of the hatchings and lamellae in their ramifications, thus creating space and movement as important aspects of her expression, Sylvia Vorwagner's work features figural schemes, lines and parts of plants, which culminate in a multitude of design levels and, with their earthy colouring and carefully placed traces of colour, thus create a direct reference to the nature that surrounds us.

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Alexandra Deutsch - notes on the artist

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Anyone who has been through the exhibition "different layers" viewing the works of
Alexandra Deutsch enters a wonderland of form and colour!

The sculptural objects that the artist creates seem highly alive, their colours and shapes are organic and one would not be surprised if they started to move the next moment. Perhaps this is because the artist's ouevre also includes textile sculptures and dance, and the buoyancy is also palpable in her paper sculptures .
In "different layers", early large paper objects mounted on the wall form a statement of her paper work, while her medium-sized and smaller works are not installative, but each is located in the exhibition as an independent work of art. The wondering viewer's eye perceives artworks that are painting turned into a body. Some are open, some are closed, some are small and some are large. Depending on the side from which the gaze falls on the objects, different colours appear. This is partly due to gaping openings, from the inside of which it shines out, or again and again to small ridges and jags that separate the cavities from each other.
The object forms in their manifestations are manifold, flowing lines and curved surfaces, ribs and lobes.
[ Excerpts  from "second nature" Stefanie Blumenbecker ]
In her artistic work, the artist explores the form and colour of the organic and the living, and from this develops a completely independent form . . . , the angle of view decides ! [UJ]
Sylvia Vorwagner - notes on the artist

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"We speak far too much in general"
[ We should speak less and draw more. I, for my part, would like to get out of the habit of talking altogether and, like nature in the making, continue to speak in nothing but drawings ] - (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).
These thoughts are almost forced upon us by the works of Sylvia Vorwagner --- The biomorphic language of forms and the colouring seem archaic and earthy with their few, colourful colour fields and muted colour tones, which reinforce certain lines  that seem important to the artist ---.
Supporting material is often different papers sometimes several on top of each other, newsprint in collaged form,  covered with  delicate  layers of paper,  shining through and allowing the text to be only guessed at, not readable at all, yet telling stories through what is drawn. Thus, some of these papers seem already used and smoothed out, or deliberately used for drawing, and serve for the artist's spontaneous narratives.
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