Achim Freyer - SF sculpture | Jörg Bach - at Donaugallery | Reinhard Wöllmer - "colour space reliefs"

Achim Freyer - gaily coloured installation at Salzburg festival

Achim Freyer - Salzburg, Skulptur Felsenreitschule -
Foto: @ Anne Zeuner, SF

Achim Freyer – well known for his tantalising theater performances, imaginative costumes and stage designs. But never foget - he is painter, sculptor and illustrator as well, as his many sculptures and installationsshow .

Such an Installation, even built temporarely, as heavy as 300kg, mainly made of wood, steel, styropor and leather, covered by a bunch of colourful mirroring foils, has been installed  from [85-aged Gesamtkünstler], Achim Freyer, (remember his 1997 enacted Salzburg festival-Zauberflöte, where he was in charge of  production, stage design, costumes and light all together), has been set up located at 'Brunnenfoyer of Felsenreitschule'.

See also a quite adequate and augmenting exhibition at Millstatt (Kunstforum), presenting some works corresponding the Oedipus complex theory. 

Save the date:
our special, personal exhibition focussing on Achim Freyer at my gallery,  Grünangergasse 6, 1010 Wien, shall be on stage 1.qu.2020 !


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Jörg Bach - large scale sculptures at Tuttlingen (BRD)

Jörg Bach Donaugalerie
J. Bach - Stahlskulptur - Donaugalerie Aug.2019


For detailed information about current exhibition at Tuttlingen see: Donaugalerie, figuring a lot of fotographs concerning the on site installation . 


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Reinhard Wöllmer - 'colour space reliefs and paper objects' at Amberg (BRD)

R. Wöllmer -Papierobjekte -
R. Wöllmer - Papierobjekte


For detailed information about current exhibition of Reinhard Wöllmer see:   'Stadtmuseum Amberg'.  

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