Vernissage & catalogue presentation

Thomas Riess

Vernissage: Friday,March 10th, 2017 at 18.30
Introducing Words: Günther Oberhollenzer (art historian, writer & curator)

exhibition: March 11th - April 22nd, 2017

art dialogue: Thursday, March 23rd, 2017, 19.00

Time | Spirit | Existence

Thomas Riess is a sensitive observer of the world, the people around him and the foreseeable and unanticipated circumstances that bring them together. He is a chronicler of events; he describes them and their course, formulating everything without hesitation to a pointed anecdote. With an analytical approach, he immerses himself in the wave of everyday excitements of our time and deals with common observation patterns.

He tells stories with his creations, whose protagonist – time itself - is given an appropriate stage - the recording of the Zeitgeist in a dynamic moment, bundled with artistic intellect, which nevertheless leaves space for the self-interpretation of the viewer - that makes Thomas Riess works so unique.

Thomas Riess works with photographic templates in his works - he collects sensually perceived images, such as beach sand in every timewise information wave of everyday life and lets this into his positions. There is hardly any work of his in which he does not let exitstential thought into.


His gaze is directed from the outside to the inside, from the experienced fellow-world to the mind. The sensually perceived acts as a triggering moment for the inner experience. To express these experiences, Riess uses a, straightforward, direct image language: an expressive and dramatic brush stroke, expression-enhancing deformation upto a caricature-like disfigurement, without fear of a salient style in order to get his message acorss.

The gallery Hrobsky presents new positions of the artist in the exhibition "ZOOM". The exhibition catalogue is available on site.



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