at the end there will only be light

Willi Siber

at the end there will only be light

Ulrich Plieschnig

Vernissage: Thursday, 26. January 2017 | 6.30 pm
Introducing words: Ulrike Jakob

Exhibition Duration: 27. January – 4. March 2017

Artist Talk: Friday, 3. February 2017 | 7.00 pm
Moderation: Dr. Renée Gadsden, Art Historian and Author

Opening Hours:  Wednesday – Friday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm, Saturday 11.00 am – 3.00 pm

Opposites | Brilliance | Play of Colours

Wood, resin and steel - these are Willi Sibers preferred materials. Deepened in meticulous material research, artistic creations emerge which completely eliminate chance and show a sensual splendour, which shows the transformation of the materials in perfection and the boundlessness of its creativity.

Wood - Willi Sibers' pillow-like series of work plays visually with the opposites, associates softness and is nevertheless rough and hard on its surface. Thus the expectation is broken by reality. The viewer reveals a sensuous play between the great whole and the surface structure in detail.

Resin - In countless work steps, which are precisely coordinated with one another in time, Willi Sibers' wall objects are made of epoxy resin. The result reveals lightness, brilliance and playfulness in all its finesse in colour, composition and construction.
Steel - Sibers steel objects radiate in the splendor of perfection - welded together, the seams are elaborately sanded and covered in five layers with a special lacquer - they guard the technical secret of the production and draw the viewer into its spell: one wants to touch them, from all sides and listen to their coloring game in the light as if they were telling a story.


Willi Siber
1949 born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Studies of Art Science at the University of Stuttgart
Master Student at Prof. Herbert Baumann at the State Academy of Fine Arts

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