Room 1 - Josef Bücheler (left side) & Tone Fink (right side)
Room 2 - Larissa Leverenz
Room 1 - Larissa Leverenz
Room 2 - Larissa Leverenz
Room 4 - Rupert Eder (DE)
Room 4 - Josef Bücheler (DE)
Rom 3 - Bettina Paschke
Room 1 - Tone Fink
Room 1 - Tone Fink (left side) & Leena Naumanen (right side)
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Josef Bücheler | Rupert  Eder | Tone Fink | Larissa Leverenz | Leena Naumanen | Bettina Paschke

 Duration of exhibition :  prolonged !   20. February 2021 


Duration of exhibition :  10th Dezember 2020 - 20. February 2021 
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"Heterogeneity, or the non-uniformity of the elements of a set or the components of what we call artistic works, is also paradoxically meant to represent precisely what unites, if not unifies, the works on display" is the gallerist's reasoning, and indeed the gallery's four rooms feature works that couldn't be more different from one another and yet, upon close inspection, harmonize with one another.
Josef Bücheler

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Josef Bücheler:

My tree objects, works of graphite, earth and ash, are important works for me. From miniatures, as exhibited, to ten-meter wide "paper sails", which I had to stretch partly standing on an 18-meter high scaffolding, between the branches. And so my drawings are also three-dimensional, that also say titles like, "Drawing on several handmade paper". I draw with graphite in sometimes up to five layers of handmade paper until I get to the base. They are actually drawing reliefs.
"The works arise spontaneously .... The simple material and the reduced form is the content and statement of my objects." 
Rupert Eder

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Rupert Eder:

I am working worldwide, with my largely self-made watercolor (pigment) paints on the road, also always in search of new, rare, valuable and exciting types of paper. Thus, new works are always created under the Mediterranean sun, on a Scandinavian coast, a New York hotel room ...
I am an observer of nature and transform my observations on canvas. Painting for me is doing the work. It is the process that leads me to new shapes and colors.
"A painting is successful when it attracts the viewer, when it is able to unfold a magic."
Tone Fink

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Tone Fink:

The medium of drawing runs like a thread through my work. My drawings arise spontaneously and unplanned, direct and immediate. They are an outlet for my creative urge and serve to find ideas for performances and objects.
"Art is also a rediscovery of childhood",  because the deep and fatal pitfall in visual art and in life is its dependence on intellect rather than inspiration." 
Larissa Leverenz

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Larissa Leverenz:

Anthropomorphic forms that seek the inexplicable and uncanny in the familiar are always the subject of my visual worlds. It is always the attempt to set chains of association in motion and show possible analogies and hidden relationships and at the same time allow different interpretations.
"My compositions deliberately break with the usual points of view and the multi-perspectives prevent a quiet location." 
Leena Naumanen

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Leena Naumanen:

My inner urge for balance constantly prompts me to give existing, actually discarded a new solid existence - and thus to enter into a profound dialogue between permanence and change - between yesterday and tomorrow.
"First and foremost, it is important for me to go into depth !" 

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Bettina Paschke

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Bettina Paschke:

My artistic medium is drawing - thematically my works revolve around the desire and pleasure to minimize and limit  the search for intensity. The omission causes unstabiliy, there is a false bottom, nothing is clear. The impossibility of achieving perfection stands against the stimulus to try again and again.
I document an inner process without narrative content - disciplined precision pushed to the extreme with relish.
"The pleasure is in shortening, focusing, limiting - the simpler the better; although it is a balancing act with high concentration on a fine line ".
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In this exhibition we show works of six as differently as expressing artists, as they could not be more different to be described, as "heterogen"eous ... [Ulrike JAKOB]
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Heterogeneity, or the non-uniformity of the elements of a set or of the components of what we call artistic works, is paradoxically also supposed to represent precisely the unifying if not uniformity of the works shown. Somehow metaphor also for the circumstances, which we may or must live through at the moment, what we may despair of or what we can experience through deepened engagement and seeing sensation, satisfaction and high feelings of joy of life.  

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