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Duration of exhibition: 8.4. 2021 - 22.5. 2021
Introduction: Silvie Aigner (Editor-in-Chief, Parnass

notes to the exhibition -I /

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As in his previous artistic work, his sensitive but also passionate handling of the medium of paper is the central sphere of action. This medium not only serves him primarily for sculptural design, but it also paves a way for him that does not exclude painting and allows both paper and cardboard to become the carrier of color. The easy malleability of the material offers the artist a multitude of creative possibilities - thus his works emerge from an interplay of construction and deconstruction.


The large wall object "In Tempus Praesens" >>>
("in the present time")
is shown in the single image {right}
notes to the exhibition -II /

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Thus, by assembling, solidifying, cutting out, tearing off, and linking the materials, Weer's objects become fragmentary works that find themselves between beginning and end. The alienation of the materials through the application of paint is a particularly important aspect for the artist here, because the result should feel right and real, but remain only partially transparent.
In his current works, Walter Weer has taken various text sequences from daily newspaper readings in order to let them flow directly, creatively and co-determinatively into his objects. The letters and words, which he skillfully uses as graphic elements, have the task of being the mental starting point of the observation, but are not in the foreground, are not the germ or core of his expression. 
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Künstlerportraits © Galerie U. HROBSKY

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